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6/21/2024 - Friday - Went to French Lick, Indiana

Friday the family met up in French Lick. That is about a 1 hour drive away. French Lick was at it's peak before the the hay day of the railroads. There were direct tracks into French Lick from Chicago, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, etc.

In those days French Lick aspired to be better than any of the spas in the world. Once the Automobile came, French Lick fell on hard times. You can learn more about French Lick at

This is a picture of the West Baden Springs Hotel. Technically French Lick is a different town than West Baden although they are all together as one town. When built, this dome was the biggest in the world. This is a big deal considering that Islamic Mosques love domes and tries to build big. Steel made this possible.

The whole interior was taken down to the studs and rebuilt in the past 10-15 years

This hotel is open to the public and makes for a great place to just hang out and relax

This is the nearby French Lick Hotel. It is way over the top by modern standards. It is hard to believe that 120 years ago people were more lavish and grand in their building than they can do today.

This is a tunnel from the old part of the French Lick Hotel to the new section they added in modern times.

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