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6/22/2024 - Saturday - Sommerfest Parade then Uncle's celebration

The Haubstadt parade is a big deal. The whole town comes out and sets up along the parade route. Anybody can just show up and be in the parade. We are convinced that people just call themselves queen of something and go in the parade. Is there such a thing as a candy cane queen?

Usually it is hot, so both the watchers and participants are armed with water weapons. There is so much candy thrown out that the kids get tired of picking it up.

Of course the parade has to start with a salute to our veterans.

It is traditional to have the High School graduating class of 50 years ago be in the parade. It is what everybody aspires to achieve

The people that own that garage have a heating and air conditioning company. Every year they host a big parade party and they feed everybody and make them feel welcomed.

There goes another queen

When you work hard all your life you can buy a nice truck. Eric rode the bus with these guys and they have been working since they could talk.

They have been pulling the worlds largest brat in this parade for at least 30 years

Below are some videos that show what goes on at the Haubstadt parade

After the parade, Eric's 8th grade class gets together for their annual reunion. It occurs every year in front of the Gym. The school got torn down years ago, but they saved the gym.

The person on the lower right is our gym teacher who happened to be passing by.

In the evening we gathered to celebrate Eric's uncle Paul's big achievement. He has been a lifelong aviator and got an award from the FAA to honor 50 years of flying with no accidents. I suppose that is why he is here to celebrate in the first place:)

A lot of Paul's childhood friends and family came to the celebration.

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