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6/26/2024, Wednesday - Cayuga Lake Wine Cruise

Our main goal this day was to get on a boat that would take us to lunch and three different wineries on Cayuga Lake - woohoo! Love the rare days like this!

We picked up our boat in Interlaken on Cayuga Lake.

This was to be our boat for the tour. We were glad it had a canopy since the forecast was calling for rain, but we hoped we did not need it.

The plastic was good for wind protection, but thankfully never needed for rain protection.

We first tasted at Long Point Winery. They are known for their dry reds (quite tasty), which is unusual because the region is not generally known for those types of grapes.

Since it was for our friends' anniversary, we opted for the fancier lunch option.

So, we ate at a restaurant upstairs here - 1833 Kitchen & Bar, which is a part of the Inns of Aurora Resort pictured here.

Cara's yummy 1833 Summer Salad

On the grounds of the resort.

Back to the boat for the next winery...

We also tasted at Thirsty Owl Wine Co. and at Sheldrake Point Winery, but we failed to get pictures of those. The wine was going down pretty smoothly, we think.

One of the things we enjoyed most was talking with Captain Skip of Water to Wine Tours. He is a most interesting guy, and we even had a Belize connection!

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