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6/27/2024, Thursday - Explored Watkins Glen and Buttermilk Falls State Parks in New York

Our car had given us a little issue to deal with, so we dropped it off at a Toyota dealership in Ithaca, New York, then headed over to Watkins Glen to hike in that state park.

First we had lunch at a lovely vegan Thai place called Green Elephants Restaurant.

They had nice lunch specials that included salad and miso soup. Of course, we had to get a Thai iced tea as well.

Our friend Annette said Watkins Glen is her favorite state park in the whole country, so we were eager to check it out.

Watkins Glen is, indeed, a magical place, even with all the people that visit it.

This place has so many waterfalls! You keep hiking further up and further back, and the waterfalls and gorgeous views just don't stop! We see why our friend loves this park, for sure.

We had taken the canyon trail up to the top, and we opted for the higher rim trail for the way back, and that's where we saw this rock cairn garden.

At this point Eric had to deal with our car, so the rest of us walked over to Buttermilk Falls State Park to check that out.

This place had a natural swimming pool at the base of the falls.

Buttermilk Falls is perhaps not as spectacular as Watkins Glen, but it still had some magical looking places where Cara would not have been surprised to spy a fairy or elf peeking from behind a tree.

After picking up our car we had dinner at Silo Food Truck in Ithaca, then headed back to our last night of camping at Cayuga Lake State Park.

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