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6/28/2024, Friday - Explored Upstate New York

Before our friends headed back to Indiana, we hung out and poked around in the area with them. We found a few yard sales, then walked around the town of Seneca Falls.

The home of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, who started the first Woman's Rights Convention back in the day.

We stopped in at a museum that told more of the history of Seneca Falls.

Next we walked part of the Ludovico Sculpture Trail that followed along the river.

This is the bridge that looks like the one in the movie "It's A Wonderful Life" - Seneca Falls is reportedly the inspiration for Bedford Falls in that movie.

Then we drove to Honeoye Falls for lunch at a restaurant overlooking the falls. This is Cara's Greek Salad with the chicken and olives "on the side" - oh, well, close enough.

The view of the falls from the restaurant.

Honeoye Falls

After our friends left we headed to Buffalo to meet up with another friend whom we actually know from Belize. She took us on a nice evening walk to show us around the area.

Cara and our friend, Siobhan, both love this statue!

This one is pretty darn cool, too. We can already tell we're going to like Buffalo.

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