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6-3-2024 Fort Wayne, Indiana

After getting some work done in the morning and afternoon we decided to head north a little to check out the biking situation in downtown Fort Wayne. It was a beautiful day, and we enjoyed riding on the lovely Rivergreenway Trail along the St. Joseph, St. Mary, and Maumee Rivers.

We found a quiet little neighborhood near a coffee shop and the trail in which to park for the night.

We enjoyed the river by trail, while others enjoyed the river by boat.

Maumee River Dam

We took a break at Headwaters Park.

The Wells Street Bridge over the St. Marys River is bike and pedestrian only. It is near where we used to park our bus in Fort Wayne.

We popped in at Fort Wayne Outfitters, which has a gear store as well as canoe, kayak, and bike rentals.

Eric took a picture of Cara taking a picture of him.

And here's Cara's pic of Eric taking a photo of her.

We saw several people canoeing and kayaking on the river.

We then biked to Union Street Market for dinner.

We planned to eat at a Middle Eastern restaurant in Union Street Market, but everything had just closed when we got there. We walked around to check it out though, and we ran into some old friends we hadn't seen in years. They now have a stall at the market (Plowshares), so we bought some good stuff from them.

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