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6/30/2024, Sunday - Walked around Buffalo, NY

Updated: Jul 11

On this (abnormally chilly) Sunday Funday our friend Siobhan showed us all around the cool places in Buffalo, and we had a fantastic time!

Our first stop was Siobhan's favorite piece of public art, Shark Girl.

Then we walked to Veterans Park.

Commemorating the Erie Canal at the Canalside area.

We stopped at the Buffalo Heritage Carousel. Cara and Siobhan liked this seadragon creature, though it wouldn't stop for a photo.

We drove around the Outer Harbor area (under construction), then headed to Buffalo Riverworks in the Inner Harbor.

This huge building houses an arcade, bar/restaurant, stage/dance floor, and probably more.

Attached is a rink/court where we watched some lacrosse being played. Upstairs on the left is a high ropes course - what an incredible place!

Lastly, we went to a super cool bar/restaurant called Duende. It's in an area called Silo City because some of the big old buildings by the silos are being turned into nice condos.

We met up with Siobhan's friend at Duende.

There were lots of grounds to check out around there, and Siobhan knew just the cool spots to take us.

The silos are massive, and it's pretty neat to see inside them.

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