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6-5-2024 Marion Indiana Bar with Cousin Eddie

Updated: Jun 9

Marion Indiana was a thriving manufacturing city back in the 70s. Since then the manufacturing has declined. There used to be about 60,000 people there, but now it is more like 20,000. Marion has a different vibe about it for sure.

We met Eric's Cousin and his wife at a local bar. The bar is unique because they gamble their asses off legally, they smoke in there, and a dog owns the bar. On Wed and Fri they have drawings for big money and there is a huge crowd there. When somebody wins they buy a round for the house. So everybody gets a chip for a free drink. So usually on Wed it is 2 drawings so you end up with 2 free drinks!

This picture says a lot about the character of the bar. You may think that it is a bad picture, but there is that much smoke in the air. The dog is lazy and only gets up if you have a treat. The pool player likes to shoot with one arm. The dog didn't even open his eyes because this is his life.

When someone wins a pot they buy a round for the house and you get one of these coins for a free drink

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