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6/7/2024 - Friday - First Friday Indianapolis

Indianapolis has turned some of it's old factories into maker spaces for artists and hobbyists. On the first Friday of every month they open these spaces up and it is a lot of fun to meet these people.

Mark's son dropped us off in downtown Indianapolis and we started the evening with a dinner at Aroma which is a very good Indian Restaurant.

We started in the Fountain Square area of Indianapolis. There is a lot of art on the buildings and a cool vibe there.
This is art in progress....notice the guy there?

This is normally a public hangout area, but today it also had some pop up shops

We always joke about this sign. There are always kids playing in this on a hot day. There are toys in it. It looks like a splash park. So everybody just ignores the sign because it makes no sense.

People make all sorts of stuff. And all sorts of people buy it.

This was a display setup to promote a new seltzer.

This is a picture of Fountain square in Indianapolis

Then we started walking across downtown Indy

It was the start of pride month and Eli Lilly is down with the cause

They open up all sorts of weird spaces. We stumbled upon this one somehow.

Monument circle is the designated middle of Indianapolis by addresses. Indianapolis was a planned city.

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