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6/8/2024 - Saturday - Indianapolis Art Museum Ride

It was a beautiful day and we decided to head out for a bike ride with Mark and Annette. We headed out to the Indianapolis Art Museum ( it has gone through a recent name change that cost millions of dollars and is now called Neufields, but nobody calls it that) LOL

Press Start on the video below to check out where we rode

This is the new outdoor exhibit that just opened at the Art Museum.

This new art piece is a house roof that you can climb on.

It was interesting, but I am wondering what they paid for this art piece?

This is what it looks like on the inside

This is another art piece

The bike trails in Indianapolis keep can get around easily
We found a nice lunch spot. It looks like its gonna rain in the picture, but that is not how it felt that day

Our friends Mark and Annette

Guess what these are? If you guessed potatoes then you are correct!

I forget what this was called, but it had a cream on it that was a cross between cheese cake and cream puff filling

Towards the end we somehow found this pop up shop in the middle of nowhere

I had to snap this picture of a massive flock of geese

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