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6/9/2024 - Sunday - visit with Cara's Dad

Cara's Dad lives in Northern Illinois so we left early Sunday to go and spend a couple of days visiting with him. Cara's dad is 87, born in 1937.

We needed some lunch on the way so Eric used his internet skills to find this awesome Mongolian BBQ place. The look of the place did not give us much encouragement, but we gave it a try!

This place was fantastic one of the places ever....I wish I lived near here. For $9.99 you had a whole buffet of meat, seafood, veggies, and sauces. Then you filled up a bowl of whatever you wanted and the guy cooked it for you on a big flat griddle. It was awesome!

This is Cara's dad, niece, and nephew

This is Cara's Brother and Sister-in-law

Cara and her Dad and Brother

Eric, Cara and Dick

For dinner we all went out for some Pizza. This picture looks pretty disgusting, but that is all we took I guess

We had a room all lined up so we checked in for a good nights sleep

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