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7/7/2024, Sunday - Biked to Niagara Falls

After having caught up on work we decided to do an epic bicycle ride all the way from Buffalo to Niagara Falls and back. (Cara had been to Niagara Falls back in 8th grade, but Eric had never been before.) We took a nice network of trails that are all part of the 518-mile long Great Lakes Seaway Trail that follows along the St. Lawrence Seaway.

The journey is described in more detail below, but the following Relive video gives a great summary of our nearly 53-mile ride:

The section of the Empire State Trail from Buffalo to Tonawanda is called the Shoreline Trail, and it's nicely separated from the streets in the city.

The trail passed by some hard working areas of shoreline.

It even went under a pipeline of some sort.

We paused briefly at the Grand Island Bridges Lookout, a lovely little park in sore need of a bench or two.

We later learned that others cross Grand Island when biking from Buffalo to Niagara Falls - oh, well, maybe next time.

There were loads of parks along the river, and people enjoying all kinds of recreation on it on this beautiful, sunny day.

We stopped in Tonawanda to have lunch, then we got a little turned around and inadvertently started heading inland.

Tonawanda seems like a cute little town on the Erie Canal.

Back on track here. We did pass by the infamous Love Canal on this ride, but, of course, it wasn't labeled as such, so we didn't get a photo of it. Also, we had to ride the road shoulder through LaSalle where the trail wasn't finished.

We could see the spray from the falls in the distance - oh, the anticipation, lol.

That's some serious river flow!

This day we didn't have time to ride on the Maid of the Mist, but we will for sure!

On the ride back we encountered a free concert in a park, with nice music to groove to. But, we could only stay for one song because we still had a long ride home.

Free concert in the park #2 during our ride! Ah well, you can't do everything.

We stopped at a nice taqueria for dinner on the way home, so we did not make it home before dark. We sure made the most of the day, though, and had a fantastic time doing it!

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