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  • 7/16/2024, Tuesday - Food Truck Tuesday

    In the evening we went with our friend, Siobhan, to Food Truck Tuesday at Larkin Square in the Larkinville area of Buffalo.

  • 7/13/2024, Saturday - Biked to Taste of Buffalo

    It was a beautiful day, so we decided to go for a bike ride and head towards downtown to explore it better.

  • 7/11-7/12/2024, Thursday & Friday - Walked around Buffalo again

    We are walkers, so several mile walks for us are quite common. It's a great way to get to know a new place, which we find exciting and fun.

  • 6/30/2024, Sunday - Walked around Buffalo, NY

    On this (abnormally chilly) Sunday Funday our friend Siobhan showed us all around the cool places in Buffalo, and we had a fantastic time!

  • 6/25/2024, Tuesday - Evangola State Park in New York

    This was the start of a trip our friends, Mark and Annette, had planned to celebrate their wedding anniversary, and we were happy to be along for the ride. We had driven all day the previous day to reach Evangola State Park in Upstate New York, so this morning we started off with a hike to explore the park.

  • 7/7/2024, Sunday - Biked to Niagara Falls

    After having caught up on work we decided to do an epic bicycle ride all the way from Buffalo to Niagara Falls and back. (Cara had been to Niagara Falls back in 8th grade, but Eric had never been before.) We took a nice network of trails that are all part of the 518-mile long Great Lakes Seaway Trail that follows along the St. Lawrence Seaway. The journey is described in more detail below, but the following Relive video gives a great summary of our nearly 53-mile ride: We stopped at a nice taqueria for dinner on the way home, so we did not make it home before dark. We sure made the most of the day, though, and had a fantastic time doing it!

  • 6/28/2024, Friday - Explored Upstate New York

    Before our friends headed back to Indiana, we hung out and poked around in the area with them. We found a few yard sales, then walked around the town of Seneca Falls.

  • 6/27/2024, Thursday - Explored Watkins Glen and Buttermilk Falls State Parks in New York

    Our car had given us a little issue to deal with, so we dropped it off at a Toyota dealership in Ithaca, New York, then headed over to Watkins Glen to hike in that state park. After picking up our car we had dinner at Silo Food Truck in Ithaca, then headed back to our last night of camping at Cayuga Lake State Park.

  • 6/26/2024, Wednesday - Cayuga Lake Wine Cruise

    Our main goal this day was to get on a boat that would take us to lunch and three different wineries on Cayuga Lake - woohoo! Love the rare days like this!

  • 6/23/2024, Sunday - Family Gathering in Evansville, Indiana

    On a lovely Sunday afternoon all the family that had come in for the Haubstadt Sommerfest celebrations, and all the family that lives in the area gathered at Eric's cousin's house. He and his wife have an amazing garage party zone overlooking a small lake, absolutely perfect for hosting an event like this. Everyone had a blast!

  • 6/22/2024 - Saturday - Sommerfest Parade then Uncle's celebration

    The Haubstadt parade is a big deal. The whole town comes out and sets up along the parade route. Anybody can just show up and be in the parade. We are convinced that people just call themselves queen of something and go in the parade. Is there such a thing as a candy cane queen? Usually it is hot, so both the watchers and participants are armed with water weapons. There is so much candy thrown out that the kids get tired of picking it up. Below are some videos that show what goes on at the Haubstadt parade

  • 6/21/2024 - Friday - Went to French Lick, Indiana

    Friday the family met up in French Lick. That is about a 1 hour drive away. French Lick was at it's peak before the the hay day of the railroads. There were direct tracks into French Lick from Chicago, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, etc. In those days French Lick aspired to be better than any of the spas in the world. Once the Automobile came, French Lick fell on hard times. You can learn more about French Lick at

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