Friday, August 14, 2015

8-13-2015 Sailing & Snorkeling at Bread & Butter Cayes

Our friends Bryan and Regina recently returned from traveling overseas, so we jumped at the chance to go sailing with them.

It was a glorious warm, sunny day - perfect for going out to the cayes.

The view today leaving Sittee River Marina.

Motoring down the river before we hit open water and start sailing.

Sittee River

And, we're sailing....

Rudy (the island dog) waiting for Bolo (Bryan & Regina's dog) to get out of the water so they can play some more.

The beautiful, newly repainted, Brujula (Spanish for compass) parked at Bread & Butter Cayes.

We relaxed on the island and enjoyed a delicious lunch prepared by Regina.

Bolo is one of the few dogs that comes to visit Rudy, and the dogs had not seen each other for quite a while, so, they played
HARD, then finally took naps under the table after we ate lunch.

Eric took a snooze while the rest of us snorkeled around the island.
Cara took some videos (below) with our GoPro camera while snorkeling. The videos are a bit shaky and appear faster than the experience, so bear with us.  It's a learning process, so the next ones should be better.

Until next time, Bread & Butter Cayes...

We enjoyed getting to know Shaun and Bethany, who are visiting from Alabama.

One of the three main things Shaun and Bethany wanted to do during their trip was go sailing.
Lucky for them Bryan and Regina got back in time to take them out.  They were thrilled.

Storm clouds on the horizon.  The storms hit us in the middle of the night, and it rained until morning.

Back on the Sittee River headed to the marina.

It was a wonderful day, and we all had a great time!

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