Thursday, August 27, 2015

8-26-2015 Belize City overnight

We had errands to run in Belize City, and we were going to pick up Cara's niece the next day, so we just stayed the night.
The Ramada Princess Hotel & Casino seems to be our go-to place to stay in Belize City.

The rooms are reasonable, and they all have an ocean view.

They have a lovely swimming pool, though we have yet to use it...

The view of the nearby park

Nearby seaside walkway

We walked around town and laid eyes on where we would be taking the water taxi the next day.

That is the first place we've seen recycling here in Belize!

Working boats of the local fishermen

That evening we checked out the casino, and Eric won enough money to pay for dinner.  :)

The casino provides free drinks (yes, alcohol), and even a free soup bar for customers, though we did not try that.

We had dinner next door at Calypso Fish Restaurant.

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