Sunday, August 9, 2015

8-8-2015 Dolores' Birthday Pool Party

Our friend, Jean-Marc, invited us to his place for a birthday party for his girlfriend, Dolores.

They have a really lovely oasis near Maya Beach.

We didn't know it was a pool party, but it was.  At first it was just the few kids there who were enjoying the pool.

The saltwater pool wraps around a swim-up bar (under the palapa to the right).

Dorla and Patrick chilling out in the shade on this very warm day.

The swim-up bar

The swim-up bar

Lovely area behind the bar and pool to grill out

This amazing spread was just "appetizers".  Dolores is also vegetarian, so Cara was happy to know there would be plenty for
her to eat - and there was!

The beautiful birthday girl, Dolores, with Dorla.

Cara, Dolores and Dorla

Jean-Marc grilling kebobs

Jean-Marc's friend, Michel, playing great blues harmonica.

Didn't make it to the table in time for the "before" photo of the main course, but you can see there was a ton of great food.

We did, indeed, meet lots of new people and really enjoyed getting to know them.

It may look like Cara is dancing here, but she is really trying to NOT get thrown in the pool with her clothes on.

Jean-Marc was not going to let Cara get away...

...and so, Cara joined the pool party after all...
(Thanks to new friend, Whitey, for capturing these images on Cara's phone.)

After that everybody jumped in the pool with their clothes on!

The water was warm and lovely, so it was actually nice going for a swim.

We were having fun until late (of course, there was Mescal involved since Dolores is from Oaxaca, Mexico), so we ended up
staying the night.  What a fabulous party!!!

We pick things up around the pool a little bit before we went home, and this guy was hanging
around watching us the whole time.

He wasn't very shy, and he never left the deck while we cleaned up.

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