Monday, August 17, 2015

8-16-2015 Afternoon sailing around Hopkins

Bryan and Regina invited us for an afternoon sail along the coast of Hopkins, and we were happy to go along.  To make it easy
for the sailboat they anchored offshore and we waded out to it.
When we first took off we saw a school of dolphins, so we turned around to play with them.  If Eric's video of them turns out
we will post it later.

Seiri del Mar condos, as seen from the water.

Hopkins Bay Resort, as seen from the sea

Swinging Armadillo restaurant is the 2-story yellow building at the left of this photo.

Our current home

Upon returning we again waded into shore.

Our friend James was fishing from our dock all afternoon, and we talked with him for a while when we returned.

While at the end of the dock we took some nice picture of the sailboat as it was leaving.  Then James picked up Tina and we
met them for dinner nearby.

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