Sunday, May 31, 2015

5-30-2015 Hopkins Mango Fest

Eric was photographer all day at the Mango Fest, but Cara and Deedra started the day with breakfast at Thongs Cafe.

Cara's fruit bowl with a Mango freeze

Deedra's french toast and fresh lime juice

After breakfast Cara and Deedra went on a brief tour of Hopkins.  These pictures are on the grounds of Hopkins Bay Resort.

Next we headed to Hopkins Mango Fest and met up with Eric and many friends.

The people starting the new Filipino restaurant in town brought a whole roast pig.

There were vendors of all sorts.

Our friends from Geckos Restaurant had a food booth at the festival.

There were musicians and dancers from the nearby village of Maya Center.

The Mango Tango, a very funny contest.

The Garifuna Collective

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