Monday, June 1, 2015

5-31-2015 Zip Lining at Bocawina Park ( Mama Noots )

We went zip lining near Hopkins in Mayflower Bocawina National Park at Mama Noots Resort.  Everybody had a blast.  The first video is of the first and second it was new to everybody

The second video is of rappelling and the third video is the longest run of the day.


Okay, backing up a little...

Cara and Deedra started the day by meeting Dorla for service at Holy Family Catholic Church.

It's a beautiful little church inside.

The view from the pews

the hymnal

Cara, Deedra, Eric and new friends Melinda and Keith - all ready to zip!

First you cross this bridge.

Deedra was excited about zip-lining, but we couldn't help but worry about what she would think of it. Of course, as soon as we heard her whooping and woo-hooing during her whole first run, we knew she was just fine.  Here is a video of her first run on the zip-line:

If you don't make it all the way the guide may throw you a bean bag attached to a rope to pull
you in.

Or, you might have to pull yourself in.

a Flamboyant Tree

Our wonderful guides, Oscar and Julio.

After zip-lining we stopped in for a cold drink at The Wild Fig Restaurant at Mama Noots Resort.

Pop's Moon - Mom said this was a sign her father was watching over her and approving of her
grand new adventures.

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