Tuesday, June 2, 2015

6-2-2015 headed to San Ignacio to see some Mayan Ruins

We headed out pretty early.  We travelled about 1.5 hours to San Ignacio where we were going to spend the night and check out the local sites.  Our primary purpose was to see some of the big Mayan Ruins.

There are hardly any stop lights in Belize.  Instead they have speed bumps and big pedestrian crossings.  You have to keep your eyes peeled because sometimes the bumps are not striped nor are there any signs.  Often you see people selling fruit and drinks.  They sell stuff that they can gather like fruit in season, or coconut water.

This is a one lane bridge that is on the main road

as we approached the mountains you could see that there was some rain brewing

This is a popular stop....They make really good soft serve ice cream out of fresh whole milk.  

We made it to the Capital City of Belmopan where we checked out the local market
In San Ignacio there is a Mayan Ruin right on the outskirts of town.  We visited that first.

They had a little interpretive center and they charged us 10 belize dollars (5 american) for an entrance fee into the park
this depicts how the Ruin might have looked back in the Hay Day

After the trip to the ruin we found a nice little hotel that offered some good hangout spots

There was a nice pool, but we didn't swim

we stayed on the second floor and the pic of the balcony was above

Behind the hotel were some cabanas that were also for rent

The Grounds were nicely kept
We looked for a restaurant and KO-OX-HAN-NAH stood out as a clear winner.  We were not dissapointed

Near the restaurant there is a nice cobblestone street with shops lining the side 

this is an outside view of the restaurant we ate at

It was getting late so we headed back to the Hotel to relax before bed.

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