Sunday, June 14, 2015

6-13-2015 Dinner in Placencia

Lea invited a bunch of us down to Placencia for a special dinner, and it really was an amazing experience.

This beautiful place is called ITZ'ANA. They are going to be building the seaside and lagoon-side homes in the pictures.

Our lovley table for the dinner. Normally they serve dinner outside, but rain was in the forecast so we had to sit inside.

The dinner menu

The outdoor cooking area where our meal was prepared.

Outdoor bar

Beautiful courtyard

Second floor deck

View from the second floor deck

Staircase to the small rooftop deck

Sabrina and Mark on the rooftop deck

Yuri, Guido and Fiammetta on the rooftop deck

View from the rooftop deck

"Chaya and Caves Branch cheese, green beans, charred tomatoes"

"Tamale Soup"

Cara got a really strong, delicious salad instead of the soup (which had chicken broth).

"Grilled pork loin, shrimp, Chinese greens eggplant, fried chillies"

Cara's vegetarian dish had Chinese greens, eggplant, fried chilies, black beans, and egg.

Dessert was "Milk Tea Vietnam"

The Ladies

The Guys

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