Monday, June 15, 2015

6-14-2015 Boating with our Italian friends

Our friends Guido and Simonetta invited us out to go boating on a Sunday, and we always jump at the chance.  Their friend
and architect, Fiammetta also went.  This day started out incredibly still, and you could hardly see the horizon line.

We went to South Water Caye to find some fishing bait.

We had to try several different spots to get bait at South Water Caye.

Fishing time for Fiammetta

Simonetta fishing

Fiammetta going for a swim.

Fiammetta and Cara enjoying the warm, clear water.

A pic from the GoPro camera showing our lovely fishing and swimming spot.

Eric and Guido

Watching the Frigatebirds above us.

Our guide was throwing bait in the air for the Frigatebirds to catch.  Cara pointed her camera up
 and snapped a couple of photos, thinking they would not turn out because of the sun.  To her
surprise she caught a pic of one of the birds just before he snatched a bit of bait.

Another lucky, beautiful shot of the Frigatebirds.

Next we went to Bread and Butter Cayes.

Another group at the island had caught this big fish, and their guide Luckie cleaned it for them.

Enjoying lunch at the island.

At lunch our guide was fishing off a dock when he called us over to see this squid trying to steal his bait.  None of us had ever
seen such a thing. 

The squid would let go right before being pulled out of the water.  Cara got a video of it below.

Throwing fish bits up in the air for the Frigate birds.

Guido fishing

Conch shells ready to add to the island.

Eric resting

We anchored at "the sandbar" for one last swim and snorkel.

Coral (taken with the GoPro camera)


Simonetta and Cara (a GoPro selfie)

Simonetta and Fiammetta

Simonetta, Fiammetta and Guido

Alas...time to get on the boat and head home...

It horizon was wild, and it appeared we were headed for rain.  No rain bothered us, and the picture turned out amazing.  :)

We ended with dinner at Frogs Point.  This is Eric's pork chop.

Cara's salad and potatoes

Chocolate mango cake with ice cream

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