Thursday, June 4, 2015

6-4-2015 Sailboat trip to Bread and Butter Caye

A local guy has an authentic Belizean Sailboat.  It is built out of hardwoods and is the kind of boat that the locals still fish out of.  The local fishermen fill the hold with ice and then they head out for a week.  They fish from canoes and sleep on deck.  5 people went out for a day of sailing and relaxation.

We set sail from Sittee River Marina

Then we motored for about 1.5 miles down the river

Bolo is the ship's mascot

This is the mouth of the river as it opens to the sea

The most popular boats are these local skiffs

You always see a lot of birds at the mouth of the river

This lighthouse marks the river's mouth, but it is not currently operational

the oceanside lots are mostly bought up and soon there will be solid houses there

This is another view of a local skiff.  They seem to do really well in these waters.

the wind was very calm that day and we ended up motoring to the island.  Deedra steered us.

Bread and Butter Caye is a very popular destination about 5 miles from the mouth of the river

Rudy lives at Bread and Butter Caye and loves visitors

He recognizes Bolo who visits often

They played chase most of the day

between the islands it is pretty shallow and the pelicans love to fish here

The islands are like a park and the government man came to collect 10 bucks Belize each for park fees

there are tons of pelicans all over the place
You can snorkel all around the island and there are tons of fish everywhere

The boat supplied all the snorkel equipment

The island is the perfect place to spend a lazy day

wrestling over a rotten coconut

When they quit fighting over the coconut, Eric would go over and get them going again

There are a lot of pictures of the dogs because they provided the Entertainment that day

Lava is the resident caretaker.  People bring him stuff everytime they visit

There are a couple of rental cabanas on the island

The perimeter of the island is left as mangrove to hold the whole island together

There is a cute resident bird

Nobody really wanted to leave, but we had to get back soon

Rudy hated to see us go

This is a view of the island as we left

Heading back to land

This is victoria peak.  A lot of people try to climb it, but it is hard to get to the top and 3/4 of the time people have to turn back before they get to the peak.  It takes 3-4 days to get to the top.

Keith was visiting the area for a week

We saw nice colors as dusk approached

This is the mouth of Sittee River with Victoria Peak in the background

Bolo had a good day too

There are a lot of these frigate birds and they are the best flyers I have seen

This is a view of the river as our trip concludes

Our trip ended at Sittee River Marina

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