Sunday, June 28, 2015

6-27-2015 Home tour & House party

We know the builder of the house going up across the street from us, and we were curious about what it looked like, so he let
us take a look at it.

The huge rooftop deck has views of the ocean (think sunrise) as well as of the savannah (yes, sunset).

Their ocean view

Savannah view

Savannah view

Somehow it came to be that Simonetta would cook an Italian dinner for several of us this evening.  She came over to our
place to cook.  It was also Nick's last day here this visit (and a beautiful day), so a party was in order.

The bamboo bar, ready for guests...

Nick and Eric bringing down another table.

Simonetta and Guido - a team in the kitchen

Lobster tails for the sauce...

Sauce in the works...

Guests start gathering at the bar.

Jean-Marc, Dolores and Guido looking at the "gift" Lea brought Mark from his recent trip to Oaxaca, Mexico.

It was the gift that kept on giving this night.  Let's just say that we all got inducted into the club (pictures not necessary).

Gluten-free appetizer plates for Cara and Sabrina (including two types of bruschetta toppings, pesto, and olive tapenade).

Bruschetta - one with tomato, arugula and goat cheese, and the other with tomato and basil

Pasta cooking - almost ready...


This was near the end of the evening, and it must be a sign of a great party!  Notice that Mark has both his flip flops (okay),
Guido has none (normal on the beach), but Jean-Marc has only one sandal (what!?)

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