Wednesday, June 3, 2015

6-3-2015 visit Xunantunich which is a majestic Mayan Ruin

We got up early, checked out of the hotel and headed out for the day to see the Big Mayan Ruin that is a few miles outside of San Ignacio.

We created a full virtual tour of Xunantunich and that is located at

As we started the day we saw this little foal hanging out with Mama

Last night our meal was so good we decided to go there for breakfast.  We didn't need to eat for the rest of the day.

At the resort we saw they had a green Iguana center that was highly rated.  We decided to stop in real quick.

Unfortunately there was a school group that had a tour booked so we had to move on.

As you get close to the Mayan Ruin you have to cross on this hand cranked ferry.

It is a quick drive in drive out sort of thing

They have a nice interpretive center with tons of information

This explains the symbols on the side of the large ruin

This is a model of the Ruin complex

as you walk up the path this is the first ruin you see

after you round the corner you are greeted with a spectacular sight

look very closely and you will see people at the top of the ruin.  You could pretty much walk up any of the ruins.

Finally it was time to go back across the river

On the way back we stopped at the Marie Sharps Factory.  All of the products are made with produce grown on the Estate.

They make all sorts of sauces and jellies

This is the production floor.  Obviously they weren't making anything on the day that we stopped

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